Shopping your own closet is a fun and thrifty way to exercise your creativity and make the most of what is already hanging in your closet.

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Patch Pocket Flare

Get a designer look for much less by adding your own contrasting pocket with the fabric of your choosing.

Hint: For kids, use a whimsical novelty print, like cats and dogs. Or, for a dressier shirt for adults, use basic black or metallic-print fabric.

Embroidered Collar

A great way to add visual interest to any garment, hand embroidery is fun to do and beautiful to see, and wears well even with multiple washes.

Hint: Use this technique to add embroidery detail anywhere, like cuffs or lapels.

Three Tone Shirt

Ideal for light coloured shirts, this project is a fun way to make a statement top from a shirt you’ve neglected in your closet.

Hint: For a gradient, “ombre” effect with shades of the same colour, skip the last steps for “Dip dyeing third tone”.

Tuxedo Shirt Revamp

Take a daytime tunic into chic eveningwear with some basic supplies and a few handstitches.

Hint: Use Floral Trim Revamp technique to add cuff and collar accents with black fabric.

Five Minute Monogram

Here it is: The absolute fastest way to add a monogram or message to the shirt of your choosing.

Hint: Use this techniques to add monograms to backpacks, totes, or to identify your luggage.

Floral Trim Revamp

This simple project shows you how to add printed fabric of any kind to woven (not stretchy) blouses or shirts.

Hint: Use this technique to add an embellishment to collars, sleeves, or cuffs.

Faux Fair Isle Sweater

A no-sew project perfect for kids and aspiring illustrators.

Hint: If a Fair Isle inspired print doesn’t strike your fancy, consider your own repetitive pattern, drawing, or design of your choosing.

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