machinesewing1  handsewing


Additional materials:
• Polyester fiberfill (stuffing)


Prepare your pattern pieces.

1. Click here for All-purpose Pillow pattern.

2. Print and cut pattern.

3. Cut three pieces of fabric measuring 10” x 20” (25.5 x 51 cm). Fold fabric pieces once lengthwise and again width wise, as per pattern diagram.

4. Place pattern on folded fabric. Trace and cut. You should now have three identical peanut-shaped pattern pieces: A, B, & C.

Assemble Pillow.

1. Place pieces A & B with right sides together.

2. Find center by folding lengthwise, and mark with a pin.

3. Pin layers together along one (long) side only.

4. Sew along pinned side, removing the pins as you sew.

5. Fold open side back.

6. Place C face down on top of the open sides (exposed halves) of A and B, ensuring edges match.

7. Sew along both (lengthwise) halves separately, leaving a 3” gap on one of your sides.

Hint: Sew carefully where the three pieces meet – you should always only be sewing two layers at a time. To avoid creating a pucker or a gap where seams meet, be sure to stop and start sewing precisely at the center point.


Stuff & Finish pillow.

1. Turn pillow right side out.

2. Stuff your pillow by feeding stuffing through the 3” gap; adjust as needed.


3. Once your pillow is sufficiently stuffed, fold in the edges of your gap and hand-sew shut.

Hint: In case of puckering, gap, or unsightly sewing where three pieces meet at each end of your pillow, hand sew a button on either end for an added design detail which also camouflages stitching.


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