machine sewing 


Create Bunting.

Hint: Using a fat quarter bundle will give you five pre-coordinated pieces of fabric for your bunting.

1. For a twelve flag banner, trace and cut twenty four triangles measuring 6” (15.2 cm) across and 7¾” (19.7 cm) high.

2. Lay out two sets of twelve flags in the order of your choice.

3. Sew the bottom “V” shape of the first two flags in each set with right sides together.

4. Turn right-side-out and press. Repeat for remaining eleven sets.

5. At about 25½” into Double Fold Bias Tape, sandwich flag tops between bias tape folds with a 1” gap between each.

Hint: Use clips to secure flags before sewing.

6. Topstitch edge of bias to attach flags.

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