machine sewing


Prepare supplies.

1. Collect supplies above listed above, including two packs of webbing measuring 1 1/3 yards (1.2 m) and a fat quarter of fabric.

Hint: Webbing should be approximately 1/8” (2mm) wider than HeatnBond Light tape.

Create strap.

1. Lay adhesive (non-paper) side of HeatnBond Light tape down facing the wrong side of the decorative fabric. Press with iron.

2. Let cool, and cut out along edges of the HeatnBond tape bound to the fabric.

3. Repeat making strips until you have a combined length of HeatnBond fabric “trim” measuring 2 2/3 yards (2.4 meters).

Hint: The amount of “trim” should be equal to the combined length of the webbing pieces.

4. Peel back paper layer of the trim and place with the underside facing the webbing. Gently press with iron to attach to both lengths of webbing.

Hint: To join strips of trim on webbing, simply overlap by ¼” (0.5 cm).

5. Zig-zag stitch along sides of both lengths of webbing to secure trim.

Hint: For best results, use a size 90 topstitching sewing machine needle.

6. Attach webbing lengths by overlapping by 1” (2.5 cm) and sewing an “X” shape with straight stitch, surrounded by a box.

Hint: Depending on your height, and the items you will most often be carrying, you may want to shorten the combined webbing strap.

7. To finish, fold one end of the webbing strap toward the centre.

8. Next, fold the end around the centre part of the webbing, and sew box shape to secure (as shown) creating a loop for the strap to pass through.

9. Repeat for opposite end.

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