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Prepare Loom Elastics.

Prepare Loom Elastics.

1. Choose three colours of Loom Elastics for your bow ring. We chose:
• Light Blue
• Hot pink
• Black

2. Prepare loom by placing so that the pegs are u-shaped.

Place bands.

1. Starting with the center peg at the base of the loom, place one black loom elastic from the 1st to the 2nd center peg.

2. Continue placing elastics along sides of loom, and back toward the center on the 6th center peg (as shown).

3. Place a cap band on the 6th center peg, where two bands meet.
Hint: A cap band is a single loom elastic wrapped around a single peg three times.

Loop bands.

1. Turn loom so that pegs are frown-shaped.

2. Beginning with 6th center peg, loop elastics by pulling each through the center of the peg, over the cap band, and back on their original pegs.

3. Continue looping bands in the order shown.

Remove bands and add bow.

1. Create a slipknot with the black band by pulling one end of the elastic through the centre of the other, capturing looped blue elastics. Tighten by pulling this end of the black elastic.

2. Carefully remove from loom by transferring slipknotted black band to hook tool handle, and pull up and off loom.

3. Gather five pink loom elastics, pinch together at center.

4. Wrap loose end of black elastic around group of pink elastics three or four times (until group is secured to ring).

Hint: Gently tug at pink elastics to make sure both sides are even. Loop black band as needed to tighten.

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