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Do you want to build a snowman? Have a blast with the kids by building (and rebuilding) an indoor snowman using Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Fabric, felt, and your own imagination.


Build a snowman!

1. From two layers of Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Material, use circle cutter to cut:
• (2) 12” / 30.5 cm diameter circles
• (2) 10” / 25.5 cm diameter circles
• (2) 8” / 20.3 cm diameter circles
This will be your snowman’s body.

2. Stack layers of circles the same size to make white Craft Material opaque.


3. From various colours of felt, cut shapes to decorate snowman body. Suggestions:
• Hat
• Scarf
• Candy cane
• Coal
• Buttons
• Eyes
• Carrot nose
• Bow
• Sunglasses

4. Either tape or tack circles to a flat surface (like a wall or the fridge) stacked into a snowman shape. Then, decorate as you please! Simply spray 505 Spray Adhesive on the back of felt snowman accessory pieces for a repositionable hold. This odorless, colourless, stainless spray can easily be washed away with soap between uses and ready to go for the next time you want to build a snowman!


• Smile
• Twigs (for arms)
• Eyelashes
• Mittens
• Belt
• Moustache
• Tie
• Glasses



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