machine sewing 


Prepare supplies.

1. In addition to the supplies above, you will need polyester stuffing.

2. Download, print, and cut out the Bunny Travel Pillow pattern.

Assemble travel pillow.

1. Cut two travel pillow body shapes from flannel.

2. With right sides together, sew along all edges leaving a 4” (10 cm) gap in the back.

Assemble bunny ears and face.

1. Cut four bunny ears from flannel.

2. With right sides together, sew pairs of ears along edges, leaving the bottoms open as shown.

3. Turn right-side-out.

4. Cut eyelashes and whiskers from black felt (with HeatnBond Ultra backing).

5. Cut 2 inner ear pieces and nose from pink fabric (with HeatnBond Ultra backing).

6. Peel paper backing from accent pieces created in steps 4 and 5, and iron to adhere as shown.

Finish Travel Pillow.

1. Turn travel pillow body right-side-out.

2. Fill with stuffing through gap in the back until full.

3. Tie ear pieces together by knotting, then hand stitch above the bunny face to attach.

4. Finally, hand stitch gap shut.

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