machine sewing 


Prepare supplies.

1. Print and cut out Stocking_Pattern.

2. Cut two stocking shapes from main fabric and two from lining fabric.

Hint: Fold fabric to cut two layers at once.

Assemble Stocking.

1. Pin stocking shapes from main fabric with right sides together. Pin stocking shapes from lining fabric with right sides together.

2. Stitch the two pieces of the main fabric together, leaving the stocking “top” open. Repeat for the lining fabric pieces.

3. Turn main fabric right-side-out and place lining (wrong-side-out) inside main stocking.

4. Turn in top edges and secure by gluing shut or topstitching along the top of stocking.

5. For decoration, glue baby rick rack along outside (as shown in image above) and glue a loop piece to the stocking centre back for hanging.

Hint: Use craft clips to secure glued areas in place until dry.

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