You will need:

Floral Print Fat Quarter
Fast Fade Marker
Embroidery Floss
• Craft Clips
Peel n' Stick sheets
• Flat Head Tacks

Prepare supplies.

1. Quilt, Craft & Knit Clips come in boxes of sixteen, and are a sewing basket essential. If you can spare four from your sewing supplies, use these. Otherwise, you will need a new pack or a different clip with flat sides in a comparable size.

Embellish Craft Clips and attach tacks.

1. Peel Paper backing from one Peel n’ Stick sheet, and place on wrong side of fabric.

2. Use Fast Fade Marker to trace the outline of the clips onto the Peel n’ Stick sheet: one for each Corkboard Clip you would like to make.

Hint: If you choose a light coloured fabric, trace on the fabric side since it marks more easily.

3. Cut out shapes along outline.

4. Peel second paper backing from shapes, and stick to blue side of each Craft Clip.

5. For an added embellishment, tie tiny bows using floss in the colours of your choosing.

6. Finish by gluing the flat tack to the clear side of the Craft Clip and the floss bow to the front, as shown.

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