Prepare your shade cover.

Prepare your shade cover.

Hint: These instructions are for a cylindrical shaped lamp shade.

1. Measure the height and circumference of your cylindrical lamp shade. Add four inches to the height measurement, and two inches to the width measurement to determine your lamp shade cover pattern.

Mark and cut fabric.

2. Mark and cut fabric.


3. Place HeatnBond Ultra tape with the paper side up along the edge of the top, bottom, and one side on the wrong side of your fabric. Iron to secure.


4. Let cool. Peel back paper from your fabric. Fold edges back 1” (2.5 cm) toward the wrong side of your fabric. Iron.

Touch up with a small square of Heatnbond Ultra tape where fabrics overlap at the corner.

Hint: To avoid touching up corners with Heatnbond Ultra tape; Apply, fold, and iron one side at a time to be sure that overlapping corners are properly secured.

You should now have three finished edges.

Attach cover to your lamp shade

Attach cover to your lamp shade

1. Line top and bottom inside edges of the shade with Peel n’ Stick tape. Peel away paper layer.


2. Lay your cover over your shade so that the excess on the top and bottom are equal (approximately 1” or 2.5 cm at each end). Starting with the raw edge, begin folding fabric around the top of your shade, pressing to secure to the Peel n’ Stick tape adhesive.

3. Repeat for bottom. You should now have a one inch overlap, with your finished edge on top.


4. Apply Peel n’ Stick tape along the raw edge of your cover which is attached to the shade, from the top to the bottom of the shade, (including the inside over your fabric cover). Remove paper cover.

5. Fold finished edge over Peel n’ Stick tape adhesive. Press to secure.

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