no sewing  required


Prepare supplies.

1. In addition to supplies above, you will need at least one 3-D letter or enough to spell an inspirational word of your choice (“LOVE”, “CREATE”, etc.)

Hint: Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorial on how to make your very own 3-D decorative letters!

Create denim cover.

1. Lay the letter flat on the wrong side of your denim. Use a white chalk pencil to trace the shape of the letter.

2. Repeat by tracing the letter a second time, making sure that your tracings do not overlap.

3. Cut out traced letters from denim.

4. Measure depth of the letter (the distance from the front to the back) and cut long strips measuring this width.

Cover letter.

1. Begin by gluing the strips of fabric to the narrow sides of the letter.

Hint: Use glue sparingly – too much will bleed through the denim. Focus on the edges of the denim fabric so that the ends won’t flap or peel.

2. Apply glued fabric to letter front and back.

3. Use snips to trim any excess fabric from meeting points after all denim pieces and glued and smoothed in place.

Hint: A little bit of fraying on the edges is okay, this will help enhance the denim look. To prevent additional fraying, use Fray Stop along raw edges.

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