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Prepare supplies.

1. Collect supplies listed above, and polyester stuffing.

Prepare pattern pieces.

1. Cut two circles from doughnut-colour fabric measuring 7” (18 cm).

2. Cut a hole from center of each measuring 1.5” (4 cm).

3. Cut a piece of brown speckled fabric measuring 7” x 7” (18 x 18 cm). Roughly cut a piece of Heatnbond Light slightly smaller.

4. Place Heatnbond with shiny side facing wrong side of fabric.

5. Press to adhere.

6. Trace and cut “icing” piece from brown fabric bonded with Heatnbond, with the outer circle measuring a maximum of 6” (15 cm) and the inner hole a minimum of 2 ½” (6.5 cm).

Hint: The “icing” piece does not have to be perfectly circular!

7. Place “icing” on right side of one doughnut pattern piece.

8. Press to adhere.

Hint: To add “sprinkles” on solid-colour “icing”, hand stitch embroidery floss in short straight lines in a variety of colours before fusing “icing” to “doughnut”.

9. Pin red Rick Rack around the center of the icing piece.

10. Stitch through center of rick rack.

11. Secure “icing” by zigzag stitching along the edge with matching brown thread.

Assemble doughnut.

1. Using a ¼” (0.5 cm) seam allowance, stitch doughnut pieces together with right sides together along edges of the doughnut hole.

2. With snips, make small clips in the seam allowance from doughnut hole toward the inside of the doughnut.

Hint: Be careful not to clip your seam! If you do, go over again with sewing machine.

3. Next, you will turn in edges and hand or machine stitch the doughnut edges shut. Start by sewing ¼” (0.5 cm) around the edge of one side of the doughnut.

4. Repeat for other layer.

Hint: These edge seams will help you to fold in the edges more easily.

5. Use iron to press in edges at stitch line.

6. Hand or machine sew the edges shut, leaving a 3” (7.5 cm) gap.

7. Lightly pack with stuffing through gap.

8. Hand stitch opening closed.

Hint: Use Craft Clips as an extra hand to hold fabric folded in place while stitching.

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