Prepare supplies

Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a plain collared shirt for embellishing.

Hint: Avoid very lightweight or heavyweight fabric. This project works best on medium weight textiles.

2. Choose a colour scheme of at least four different colours of embroidery floss and a fabric that matches.

embroider collar

Embroider collar.

1. Using ruler and fast-fade pen, trace a simple geometrical pattern over the triangular tip of the collar. Simple, straight-lined patterns work best.


2. Begin filling in pattern by making long repetitive stitches within the lines. Tie a knot at each end of your floss to secure the thread when you have finished one section.

3. Repeat technique with remaining thread colours in the order of your choosing. For additional contrast, try changing the direction of your stitches for each new section.

Hint: If the edges of your stitches do not line up perfectly, you may outline the edge of any section with one, two, or three long stitches along the outside.

stabilize embroidered stitches

Stabilize embroidered stitches.

1. Bind a sheet of HeatnBond® Ultra to the wrong side of a 4 ½“ x 6” (11.5 x 15 cm) piece of fabric by ironing with the paper side up.

2. Let cool. Pin collar to paper side of fabric and HeatnBond® sheet.

3. Trace outline of collar on to sheet. Remove collar, and draw a connecting line between both edges to create a triangle outline.

4. Cut out triangle.


5. Remove paper backing, and place triangle on underside of your collar, with the adhesive side down.

6. Press.

Hint: For symmetry, repeat steps for the opposite side of your collar. Or, be avant garde with an entirely new design and colour scheme!

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