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Prepare supplies.

1. Start by determining the number of fridge magnets you would like to make: You will need one pack of two covered buttons (Pillow Buttons) for each pair.

2. In addition to supplies above, you will need magnets.

Hint: Plain magnets are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local department store. Alternatively, upcycle existing fridge magnets.

Create covered button magnets.

1. Remove all wire shank pieces by hand from back side of front button piece.

2. Refer to packaging instructions and cut a piece of fabric matching the suggested dimensions.

3. Per packaging instructions, tuck in fabric toward the back of the front button piece so that the front of the button is covered, and the fabric is secured by the teeth on the back.

4. When all edges are tucked in, press back piece to front until you hear a snap.

5. Glue magnet to the back piece. Repeat as desired with coordinating fabrics!

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