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Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a plain, light coloured crew neck sweater that could benefit from some Fair Isle inspired embellishment.

2. Collect Fabric Fun markers in the colours of your choosing, and Fast Fade Fabric Marker.

Prepare sweater.

1. Trace a line horizontally connecting each arm pit seam, using ruler and Fast Fade marker.

2. Trace another line 1” (2.5 cm) above this line, one 1.5” (4 cm) below, and another 1” (2.5 cm) below that line.

3. Using the ruler, trace over draft lines with Fabric Fun Markers, in the following order from top to bottom: Blue, Pink, Pink, and Green.

4. Starting with the top section, use Fast Fade marker to create one vertical line at every inch (2.5 cm) mark.

Draw Fair Isle Print.

1. In each box traced with Fast Fade marker, draw an “X” using a brown marker.

2. Draw a small diamond between “X”s on Fast Fade marker line.

3. Colour in top and bottom “V” shapes in X.

4. Finish first section by drawing a red “X” through each small diamond shape that meets between the large brown “X” shapes.

5. In the second section, trace vertical lines with Fast Fade marker 1.5” (4 cm) apart.

6. In each box, draw green “plus sign” shape, leaving center square vacant (as shown).

7. Create four mini plus signs by crossing each green bar with another.

8. Outline with diagonal pink lines, staying inside each box. Now, colour four outside corners with a small orange triangle.

9. For last section, again trace a grid with a horizontal line at each 1” (2.5 cm) mark.

10. Draw two “V” shapes, one in blue, and another in brown on the top half of the boxes.

11. In the center of each box, draw a red asterisk. Draw a small black heart on top of each vertical marker line.

Finish Sweater

1. Add additional rows or embellishment where you see fit. Use eraser tip of Fast Fade marker to erase any purple markings which have not yet faded.

2. Press with iron to heat set marker design.

3. Your Fair Isle inspired sweater is ready to wash and wear!

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