Prepare your pattern pieces.

1. Collect supplies listed above, including:

• One sheet of sticky back black felt
• One sheet of sticky back white felt
• One sheet of brown felt
• One sheet of orange felt

Hint: For an unconventional-looking fox, feel free to change up the colours.

2. Click here for Felt Fox Mask Pattern. Print and cut out pattern.

3. Cut out felt pieces as indicated on pattern. (Black pattern pieces are stacked in photo.)

4. Peel backing from both black Felt Fox Mask pieces.

5. Sandwich the two mask pieces with adhesive sides together.

Add strap.

1. Measure from temple to temple around the back of your head (or the head of the person who will wear the mask).

2. Subtract one inch from the measurement taken in step one, and cut elastic to this size.

3. Fold in and hand sew each end of the elastic in the area shown in previous image.

Assemble and decorate mask.

1. Peel paper backing from white pattern piece, and place over black mask as shown.

2. Use fabric glue to attach brown piece between and above the eye sockets without obscuring the holes.

Hint: Use Craft Clips to hold pieces in place while glue is drying.

Hint: Do not glue down winged tips of the brown pattern piece until after step three; These should be glued on top of the orange pattern piece.

3. Next, place orange piece on top of the mask, lining up the ears with the black mask. Glue in place.

4. Peel and stick both remaining white pieces inside ears as shown. Then, glue brown ear accent pieces.

5. Peel and stick black triangular piece over mask “nose”.

6. Finish by embellishing with fabric markers; add whiskers, and colourful accents for a multi-dimensional look.

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