Prepare monogram patches

Prepare monogram patches.

1. Choose a destination for the monogram. Suggestions: shirt, tote bag, luggage, or tablet case.

2. Choose monogram letters. Create stencils by tracing letter outline by hand or by typing and printing a large bold font letter on the computer. Cut out.

Hint: Pressure sensitive patches will be used for “B” monogram, and drill patches for “A” monogram. Pressure patches are perfect for junior crafters, no ironing required!

3 & 4

3. Place stencil on the wrong side of your nylon and/or drill patches. Trace outline with chalk pencil.

Hint: The right side of letter should face down so that the adhesive is on the wrong side: The letter should appear backwards while tracing.

4. Cut out along outline.

Secure monogram

Secure monogram.

1. For drill patch monogram, place on desired area and press with iron to secure in place.


2. As you peel off paper backing for nylon patch monogram, secure patch to your garment by applying pressure firmly with your fingers.

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