machine sewing 


Prepare supplies.

1. Print and cut out Hexagon and Pentagon patterns.

2. Cut:
• 20 Hexagons
• 12 Pentagons

3. Using the Unique Creativ Blue Washout Marker, mark seam allowances on the wrong side of the pieces cut out in step two.

Hint: While time consuming at first, this will make the soccer ball sew up more quickly and neatly.

Assemble Soccer Ball.

1. Sew one edge of a hexagon to one edge of a pentagon, sewing between markings.

2. Sew four more hexagons around the edges of the same pentagon.

3. Sew the hexagons’ neighbouring sides together..

4. Sew five pentagons into the five “V” shapes in between the joined hexagons.

5. Sew five hexagons in the spaces between the pentagons. Sew three sides.

6. Sew on more hexagons onto the pentagons.

7. Sew one or two sides of the last pentagon in the space between the five hexagons.

8. Turn right-side-out. Stuff with polyester filling until full.

9. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Hint: If you are having trouble visualizing this, use a soccer ball for reference and it will all make sense!

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