Prepare supplies

1. In addition to supplies above, you will need one plain button-down or cuffed shirt suited for decorative trim and an iron.

Create floral trim.

1. Lay adhesive (non-paper) side of HeatnbondĀ® Ultra tape down facing the wrong side of the decorative (trim) fabric. Press.

2. Let cool, and cut out along edges of the HeatnbondĀ® tape bound to the fabric.

Attach trim to shirt.

1. Peel back paper layer of the trim and place with the underside facing the outside of the shirt fabric.

Hint: We suggest applying trim along cuffs and/or along the button-hole side of the blouse.

2. On the under side of the blouse, use snips to cut out button holes.

Hint: Trim excess around cuffs of shirt front where there is hangover trim. If the trim does not reach the end of the shirt fabric, create more trim with the same method, and join at seams.

3. Button shirt or blouse as usual, and enjoy the embellishment!

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