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Button Tab Bookmark

Use Gem-tak glue to attach buttons to large no-slip paperclips.

Hint: Be sure to attach button to “closed” end of the paper clip so that the open end can sandwich the pages of your book to keep your place.

Rick Rack Ribbon Bookmark

Cut a length of Rick Rack in the colour of your choice. On one end, hand sew a button. On the other end, attach a loop of elastic by hand sewing.
To mark your page, loop the elastic around the button.

Upcycled Bookmark

Cut old greeting cards or cereal boxes into strips and decorate with scrap fabric using HeatnBond Ultra to attach the fabric.

Punch a hole through the short end of one strip (using a hole puncher) and add a small tassel through the hole with a slipknot.

Hint: Use Tassel Keychain project for a how-to, but substitute a single skein for a smaller tassel. For more detailed instructions on how to apply fabric to paper, see Gift Bag Revamp project.

Felt Heart Bookmark

Draw and cut two hearts from felt (measuring approximately 3” x 3” or 7.5 x 7.5 cm), making sure the bottom of the heart has a 90 degree angle, or corner shape. Stack pieces, and handstitch both straight edges together with a single strand of embroidery floss.

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