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Prepare supplies.

Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a floss friendship bracelet that you would like to make adjustable and removable.

Hint: No friendship bracelet? Make one! Click here for inspiration and instructions.

2. Choose up to four loom elastics in complimentary colours. We chose:
• A: Green
• B: Pink
• C: Yellow
• D: Blue


3. Tie each end of the friendship bracelet in looped knots, making sure that each loop is big enough to fit over a loom peg.

Create and attach bracelet extension

Create and attach bracelet extension.

1. Place one A colour loom elastic on the loom from the first center peg to the first peg on the right side.


2. Continue placing bands diagonally as shown in the order A, B, C, D.

Hint: The number of elastics that you use in this step will depend on the desired length of the finished bracelet. To create a necklace, place bands until the end of the loom.


3. Before looping the bands, place one looped end of friendship bracelet on the last peg.

4. Turn loom so that the pegs are frown shaped.

5. Loop bands, joining one end of the friendship bracelet with single extension.

Hint: When placing bands, the pegs should be u-shaped. When looping, pegs should be frown shaped. Turn loom as needed.

Remove “bracelet” and create a longer chain

Remove “bracelet” and create a longer chain.

1. Insert hook tool through the end of the “bracelet” opposite to the “S” clip and remove from loom by gently pulling up and away from the loom.

2. Push “bracelet” to the handle of the pick tool.

3. Repeat loom elastic placement for single bracelet to complete the other half of bracelet extension.

4. Before looping bands, transfer the floss bracelet with extension to the last pin.


5. Add “S” Clip to the end of the bracelet extension before removing from hook tool. 6. Use hook tool to loop bands for the second half of the bracelet extension.


4. Join extension ends with “S” clip!

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