Prepare your supplies.

1. Choose a paper shopping bag with handles, and a motif print fabric, in addition to the supplies listed above.

Hint: The bag does not have to be plain or completely blank; Branding, logos, text, and images especially can easily be covered.

Create Fabric Stickers.

1. Cut roughly around the motif prints on the fabric that you would like to include on your new gift bag.

2. Cut a piece of PeelnStick™ smaller than the piece of fabric, but large enough to cover the motif.

3. Peel back paper top from the PeelnStick™ sheet.

4. Press adhesive side to the wrong side of the fabric by applying pressure with your fingers.

5. With the right side of the fabric facing you, cut around the motif.

6. Peel back second paper layer of PeelnStick™ and press with your fingers to adhere to the front of your shopping bag.

Finish bag.

1. Continue to create and place fabric stickers on the front of your bag, as desired.

2. To add a name tag, repeat fabric sticker process with a plain piece of fabric cut into a rectangle, or a shape of your choosing.

3. Use Fabric Fun Markers to address the name tag, or write your own personalized message.

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