machine sewing


Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a Gütermann Jeans thread that matches the top-stitching on a too-long pair of jeans, overalls, or denim skirt.

Hint: You will also need the Jeans-wearer present to mark the hem during the next step.

Hem jeans.

1. With jeans on the wearer, fold the bottom of each jean pantleg inside, at the desired length.

2. Safety pin horizontally at this mark, then remove and unfold jeans.

3. Draw a horizontal straight line across the jean where the pin is secured, parallel to the bottom hem.

4. Draw two lines below the top line, each ½” (1 cm) apart.

5. Cut across the bottom line.

6. Fold toward the inside of the jean on the middle line, then fold in again at the top line.

Hint: Use Craft Clips to hold the fold while you press with iron to secure.

7. Change sewing machine needle to Klasse' Jeans needle before top stitching hem at ¼” (0.5 cm) from the jean bottom. Then, press again to finish.

Hint: Sew slowly, especially around bulkier areas, to avoid breaking a needle. To reduce bulk, cut seam allowance from side seams at hem.


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