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Prepare supplies

1. Choose a plain light coloured item to dye, like a t-shirt or tote bag.

Hint: Check the label! Cotton and other natural fibres are best suited for dyeing projects.

2. Choose up to three colours of Dylon Natural Fabric Dye. We chose purple, pink, and yellow.

3. Have a bucket, grate, garbage bag, and lots of ice handy.

Ice Dye!

1. Wet the article to be dyed.

2. Place grate on bucket and bucket atop the garbage bag, which will protect the table surface from any dye splashes.

3. Scrunch up the damp item and place on the grate with the front facing up.

4. Cover the item in ice, as shown.

5. Sprinkle dye crystals directly over the ice, in a colour design of your choosing. More crystals will give you a darker colour and greater saturation, a light sprinkling will give a lighter, more subtle colouring.

Hint: Remember, colour rules apply when dying. For example, pink sprinkled with yellow will create an orangey colour, and many colours in one area will result in a rusty brown colour.

6. Leave overnight.

7. Rinse thoroughly, then dry.

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