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1. First, stock your sewing basket with all the right stuff.

2. Start small. Try making a scrunchie or hemming your jeans. Completing simple projects will build your confidence and keep you motivated to take on something more challenging.

3. Have a stitch ripper handy! Practice makes perfect and you will be less discouraged if you accept mistakes as part of the learning process.


1. Start with a knitting loom; these hold your stitches and help regulate your tension. They are quick and easy to use: you will whip up a knitted item in no time!

2. Choose a quality yarn with a great colour and feel – this will add visual and tactile interest to your work without complicating the stich pattern.

3. Once you are comfortable with one loom shape, try another! There are lots available. Eventually, you may want to move on to knitting needles for greater knitting pattern freedom.


1. Once you have an understanding of sewing basics, quilting can be easy. To avoid being intimidated by all the products available, you will want to start with a Start to Quilt Kit.

2. Next, choose some fun but inexpensive fabrics to complete your stash. Then you’re set to start sewing small projects.

3. Learn to turn minor matching mishaps into design details to avoid feeling frustrated over minor imperfections.


1. Non-fraying materials like felt and Oly-Fun are perfect for no-sew crafting. Keep a small stock handy so that you are ready to cut and paste when inspiration strikes.

2. Keep embellishments like chenille stems, assorted buttons and fabric markers organized for easy access by using assorted clear plastic bags and a Marker Roll.

3. Peruse the Cup Of Sugar Pinterest page for ideas, but don’t hesitate to experiment with your own imaginings.

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