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Pins & Needles

The bare bones of any sewing basket should include pins, needles, and thread:

Universal Sewing Machine Needles: second only to re-threading your machine, changing your needle is the easiest way to solve common machine troubles.

Hint: Don’t forget to change your needle after 8 hours of sewing, and every time you switch fabrics.

Pins: having a stocked selection of dressmaker pins, head pins, and safety pins will assure that you can hold your fabric in place before sewing and/or cutting. When you don’t want to pierce your fabric, use Craft Clips.

Premium quality black and white thread: while you will want to purchase matching thread for new sewing projects, in a pinch black or white will do.

Last but not least among basics, is a variety of hand sewing needles, a needle threader, a pincushion for storing, and a firm but flexible thimble (for all your hand sewing needs).

For Quick and Easy Repairs

Hem tape: for hemming clothes and curtains in a flash.

Hook & Loop tape: the quickest and easiest way to add a closure to children’s clothing and accessories. Simply peel, stick, and sew in place.

Patches: stock an assortment of pressure and iron-on patches to repair holes in worn garments, umbrellas, backpacks, etc. in a hurry.

Buttons: are handy for embellishing or replacing ones which are detached or lost.

Heatnbond Ultrahold & Peel n’ Stick: turn a hole or garment imperfection into a “design detail” with applique, using double sided fabric adhesives.

Hint: use Heatnbond Ultrahold when you have an iron handy, and Peel n’ Stick when you don’t. Both are available in sheets and tapes.

Elastic: having the option of adding or replacing worn elastic will prolong the life of your clothing.

For Cutting and Marking

A chalk pencil set: in white and blue is essential for making temporary markings for cutting and sewing.

A ruler and tape measure.

A scissor set: You can never have too many pairs of sewing scissors (and rotary cutters too!) but for the bare basics, we recommend having at least one pair of dressmaker scissors and one pair of snips handy.

Hint: Not only for rotary cutting, a mat is recommended to protect your table while cutting.

For Little Mistakes

Last but not least, the seam ripper is the unsung hero of sewing box essentials. Always have one, two, or ten handy as this magical tool can undo your stitches and erase your mistakes.

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