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How to: Use a Knitting Loom

How To: Use a Knitting Loom

A Knitting loom is designed to make knitting in the round easy, consistent, and portable. A circular Knitting Loom is ideal for new knitters, kids, and crafty people on the go.

Using one is as easy as 1-2-3 yet some remain intimidated by the tool. Follow these simple steps for Knitting Loom tube-knitting success.

Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a size of Knitting Loom; The knitted tube will be slightly smaller in circumference, but stretchy.

2. Choose a thicker yarn (for scarves and hats).

Place yarn.

1. Create a loop knot on one end of your yarn.

2. Place on loom peg.

3. Start by winding the loose yarn around each peg: Around the front, continuing around the back, and toward the front again. Repeat for individual pegs on loom in counter clockwise motion.

4. Repeat for a second layer around the entire loom. Stop when you reach your yarn tail the second time.

Begin “knitting”.

1. On first peg, use Yarn Hook tool to hook lower layer of yarn over the upper layer, toward the inside of the loom.

Hint: One layer or “loop” should always remain on loom.

2. Continue with each peg, counter clockwise.

Hint: You have now created your first row of stitches!

3. Continue by “placing” yarn around the loom from the start to finish point in a counter-clockwise motion. Then, knit stitches. Repeat until tube is desired length.

Hint: How to cast off the loom will depend on whether you are making a scarf or a hat. Refer to pattern or packaging for instructions.

Bonus tip:

If you would like to use finer yarn, but still want a tight-knit scarf or hat, simply double up on the strands of yarn and treat the double-strand as one.

Also, for a variegated or striped look, use two different colours of finer yarn.

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