Prepare your pattern pieces.

1. Bag body: Fold your fabric, with the right sides facing. Trace and cut two squares from your canvas fabric measuring 17½" x 16½” (44.5 x 42 cm). By cutting on folded fabric, you are cutting both pieces at once.

2. Straps: Cut two strips of your Creativ Décor Navy straps measuring 30” (76 cm). You will require 2 packages. After cutting, keep raw edge from fraying with a thin layer of your Beacon glue.

Assemble your bag.

1. With right sides together, sew along three edges with a 5/8" (1.5cm) seam allowance, leaving the top open. Serge, zig zag stitch, or attach seam binding to inside seam.

Hem the opening of your bag.

2. Hem the top of the bag by folding and pressing your fabric ½” (1 cm) toward the inside of your bag. Fold in your new edge toward the inside again by 1” (2.5 cm): press. Stitch along the bottom of your folded edge, just shy of ¼” (0.5 cm).

3. Mark your straps on your bag so that the bag rests at a comfortable height under your arm. Pin to test.

4. Secure straps by tracing a line horizontally 1” (2.54 cm) from your topstitch line on the end of your strap. With your ruler, draw an “X” from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner and vice versa. Sew along your chalk lines.

Embellish your bag

1. Create your anchor. Choose a side of your bag that will serve as the front. Print or draw a shape of your choice: We recommend an anchor to suit the nautical theme. Cut around your paper shape to create a stencil.

2. Place stencil over a piece of fabric, and cut around in the shape of a rectangle. Cut matching shape from Heatnbond. With the paper side up, face sheet of Heat n Bond to the wrong side of your fabric. Iron in place to bind your fabric with the sheet.

3. Trace the outline of your stencil on the fabric with your chalk pencil. Cut along your chalk line.

4. Peel paper back from your stenciled fabric and place on the front centre of your tote: Iron to adhere to your tote.

5. Add rope detail. Use Creativ Décor white cord to embellish your anchor. Apply a dab of your glue to each end of the cord to prevent from fraying. Secure the cord in place with Beacon fabric glue.

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