no sew 


Prepare supplies & pattern pieces.

1. Click here for No-Sew Coffee Cozy Pattern. Cut out pattern.

2. In addition to two sheets of felt, collect scraps and spare buttons to embellish your project.

Assemble Coffee Cozy.

1. Cut a piece of Heatnbond Ultrahold so that it is slightly smaller than half of one (purple) felt sheet lengthwise.

2. Iron sheet of Heatnbond Ultrahold to attach to one side. Let cool.

3. Cut the pattern from black felt (on fold) following the outside lines. Trim pattern along inside lines.

4. Trace and cut remaining pattern piece from purple felt with Heatnbond backing.

5. Peel paper backing from purple piece.

6. Center on black piece. Iron to secure.

7. Wrap cozy around a cup as a guide, and apply fabric glue where ends overlap.

Hint: Embellish cozy to your liking with buttons and scrap pieces of felt or fabric, using fabric glue to attach.

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