No Sewing 


Prepare supplies.

1. For this project, you can use an existing plain pillow, or make your own using the following projects as a guide:
• All Purpose Pillow
• No-Sew Throw: Pillow
• Starburst Pillow
• Olaf Pillow Case
• Four Square Pillow

Create ornaments appliqué.

Hint: Choose the size of the ornament based on the size of the pillow. Be sure to leave enough space for three ornaments side-by-side as shown.

1. Select measurement on Unique Creativ Circle Cutter.

2. Apply HeatnBond Ultra to the wrong side of ornament fabric.

3. Cut out circle from fabric using Circle Cutter.

4. From scrap, backed in Heatnbond Ultra, cut out square for top shape of ornament.

5. Fuse both to pillow front to create an ornament shape and finish by gluing bow to front.

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