no sew


Prepare supplies.

1. In addition to supplies above, you will need candies for your finished treat bags.

Create bunny stickers.

1. Draw a bunny shape on the shiny side of one Peel n’ Stick sheet.

2. Peel off paper backing and apply to felt.

3. Cut out bunny shape from felt.

Assemble bag.

1. Cut piece of Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Material measuring 5” x 11” (12.7 x 28 cm) with a fold in the centre.

2. Cut a 4 ¾” (12 cm) piece of Peel n’ Stick tape in half lengthwise and apply to both sides.

3. Peel paper backing and fold Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Material at centre to tape edges.

4. Peel paper backing from bunny sticker and place on the centre front of the bag.

5. Cut a length of rick rack equal to the width of the bag, and adhere with Peel n’ Stick tape.

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