hand sewing


Prepare supplies

1. Collect supplies above.

Hint: Finished pillow case will fit one standard size bed pillow.

Prepare pillow pieces.

1. With your rotary cutter, ruler and mat, cut two pieces of Olaf print fabric measuring 19 ¼” x 30 ½” (49 x 77.5 cm).

2. Cut two pieces of turquoise fabric measuring 7” x 19 ¼” (17.8 x 49 cm).

3. Iron pieces to flatten and remove any creases.

Assemble pillow.

1. Fold one turquoise piece lengthwise and sew with wrong sides together to one short edge of the Olaf print piece.

2. Repeat previous step for remaining Olaf print and turquoise pieces.

3. Join by sewing remaining short sides of Olaf print fabric together with wrong sides facing, as shown.

4. Trim back seam allowances.

5. Fold seams toward seam allowance with right sides together, then sew at ¼” (0.5 cm) seam allowance.

Hint: This technique is called French Seams and tucks in raw edges to prevent fraying without a serger.

6. Fold pillow piece in half widthwise.

7. Repeat French Seams technique to sew top and bottom seams of pillow.

Add finishing touches.

1. Iron HeatnBond Ultra to the back of a small scrap of fabric in a complimentary colour.

2. Use fabric marker to write a personalized tag.

3. Use rotary cutter to cut piece into a rectangle measuring approximately 2 ½” x 4” (6.4 x 10 cm).

4. Peel paper backing, and iron to secure to inside of pillow.

Hint: For added embellishment, finish by sewing yellow rick rack along the seam where the two fabrics meet.

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