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Prepare supplies.

1. You will need a ball of yarn (any weight), the Love Knitting PomPom maker and a pair of small but sharp scissors.

2. Choose PomPom Maker size.

Hint: Size of PomPom Maker roughly translates to the size of the pompom.

Create PomPom

1. Beginning at one end and working your way toward the other (and back again) wrap yarn around one half of the PomPom Maker of your choice.

2. Repeat for second half of PomPom Maker.

3. To lock pieces shut, close small white caps on each side.

4. Cut yarn between template pieces around the circumference of PomPom Maker.

5. Cut one long piece of yarn, then double knot around (now open) circumference.

6. Trim one side of knotted yarn to keep your PomPom on a string.

Hint: Trim as needed.

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