no sewing


Prepare supplies.

1. For this project, you will need white or light coloured fabric (as indicated above) and an assortment of washable and colour-fast Fabric Fun Markers.

Hint: Draw on your fabric before sewing it, or add this colourful print to an existing item like a cloth lunch bag, backpack, or tote bag.

Draw pineapple print.

1. Draw your pineapple in layers starting with yellow ovals, as shown.

Hint: Be sure to space pineapples evenly, and don’t forget to leave room for the leafy stems.

2. Add a dark green stem outline above the yellow oval.

3. Continue to add the colours as shown to each pineapple, by colouring in the stem with bright green and adding a neon orange grid to the yellow ovals.

Be sure to let the ink dry at each step before applying the next colour.

4. With the neon orange marker, mark a dot between each diamond shape created by the grid from step 3.

5. Colour in each oval with neon yellow.

6. Your pineapples are now complete! To set the ink, press gently with an iron.

Hint: For a more cartoony take in pineapples, for children’s accessories and clothing, use chevron stripes and accent the pineapple with a smiley face in black.

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