no sewing required 


Prepare supplies.

1. You will need between three and four balls of Premier Candy Shop or Sweet Roll yarn for this project.

Hint: Instructions are written for a piece of plastic canvas measuring 13”x 22” but can be adjusted to any size.

Create pom-poms.

1. Following the instructions on the Pom-Pom Maker, start with a batch of three balls worth of pom-poms, using at least two Candy Shop colourways for variety.

Hint: Be sure to keep long tails on your pom-poms, and alternate from the large and small sides of the Pom-Pom Maker for variety.

Build rug from pom-poms.

1. Beginning with the outside edges, attach pom-poms by threading the tails through the holes in the plastic canvas.

2. Tie yarn tails in a tight double knot at the back of the canvas to secure.

3. Continue to work your way around the mat. Once finished, add another layer of pom-poms on the inside of the first layer.

Hint: At this point, you will be able to tell whether you need more pom-poms to finish the rug. If so, make more before continuing to add pom-poms.

4. Continue to work your way in toward the centre of the rug until one side of the plastic canvas is completely covered in pom-poms.

Hint: As you add pom-poms on the rug, do not let identical pom-poms be side-by-side.

Attach rug backing.

Hint: Backing fabric should be in a colour complimentary to the Pom-poms.

1. Cut a piece of fabric to the same dimensions as the plastic canvas. In this case: 13” x 22”.

2. From remaining fabric, create “fabric tape” by applying Peel n’ Stick tape to your fabric and then cutting out the tape with fabric attached.

Hint: You will need a length of tape that matches the outside measurement of the plastic canvas. In this case: 70”.

Hint: Tuck in all of the yarn tails before applying the tape to your rug.

3. Gradually peel paper backing from tape as you press around the outside of the canvas: Half of the tape should be on the canvas back, and the other should wrap around to the front, securing the backing and trapping yarn tails.

4. When you run out of tape, make more! Continue to apply the tape until all edges are secured.

Now, your Pom-Pom Mat is finished! Use as an accent rug in your living room, a pop of colour in your bedroom, as a cozy play mat, or a bathroom mat.

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  1. rejea
    April 18, 2018 at 11:27 pm (10 months ago)

    j’aimerais savoir avec quoi faites vous les pompons quelle accessoire les faites vous merci


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