machine sewing 


Create miniature quilt top.

1. Begin by cutting squares in complementary colours, measuring 4 ½” x 4 ½” (11.4 x 11.4 cm).

2. Start to build miniature blocks by placing contrasting fabric squares with right sides together and drawing a line diagonally from one corner to the other.

3. Stitch ¼” from the line on each side, then cut apart along drawn line. Finish by pressing seams open.

Hint: To view these steps in detail, visit the Diamond Picnic Quilt project.

4. Once you have 32 blocks, transform these into quarter square triangle blocks by placing blocks with right sides together.

Hint: Align stitch lines and stack so that the opposite colours of fabric are facing.

5. Draw diagonal line perpendicular to stitch line, as shown.

6. Stitch ¼” from the line on each side, then cut apart along drawn line. Finish by pressing seams open.

7. Begin to assemble blocks to create the quilt top by creating four rows of eight blocks.

8. Join the rows. Press seams open as you go.

9. Once finished, trace and cut out from third fabric to create bag lining.

Hint: Tracing the quilt top will ensure that the lining will be a good fit even if the dimensions have shifted slightly while piecing. Measure the width of this piece (which will be the bag top) and set aside.

10. Finish by sewing the right side of the short ends of both pieces together to create two tubes.

Create backpack body.

1. Cut two 10 ½” circles from third (green cactus) fabric.

2. Join each tube to circles with right sides together following instructions described in Pumpkin Treat Basket project.

Hint: Picture shown with a single row for visual reference.

Attach lining & drawstring casing.

1. Create casing by cutting a rectangle from one of the piecing fabrics measuring Bag Top Measurement (from previous step in “Create miniature quilt top”) x 3” (7.6 cm) wide.

2. Join short ends. Fuse a piece of HeatnBond Ultra measuring 1” x 2” in the centre of the casing closer to one (long) side.

3. Place quilted bag body inside out with lining inside with right sides facing.

4. Sew short ends of casing together and fold lengthwise. Then, sandwich (with folded side down) between quilt bag layers.

Hint: The HeatnBond Ultra will prevent fraying when you cut the casing for drawstrings. This part of the casing should be at the centre front of your bag.

5. Sew along top edge of your bag circle, catching all layers and leaving a 3” gap.

6. Turn out all layers through 3” gap so that the lining is on the inside, and the casing is at the top.

7. Fold and press in gap, then topstitch along the top of the bag body to secure.

Hint: Do not press near HeatnBond Ultra piece, or it will fuse your casing together.

8. Cut drawstring holes by cutting two vertical notches 1” apart at the front of your bag.

9. Using a safety pin, thread trim through this channel.

Create and add bag straps.

1. Cut from green fabric two pieces measuring 21” x 5”.

2. Sew long sides together to create two tubes.

3. Turn out, press so that seam is on one side.

4. Turn in tube ends and topstitch shut.

Hint: Before attaching straps, pin to test fit and adjust as needed.

5. Attach straps by stitching a small box at the base of the strap, as shown.

Optional last step: Embellish with trims!

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