Making fabric stickers with Peel n’ Stick sheets is fun to do & they are super handy to use.

For more uses, see:
• Woodland Baby Bib
• Gift Bag Revamp
• Corkboard Clips
• Burlap Planter Cover

& for our more festive favourites:
• Fabric Sticker Valentines
• Felt Holiday Ornaments

no sewing required 


Create labels.

1. Peel paper backing from Peel n’ Stick sheet.

2. Place adhesive side on the wrong side of your fabric.

Hint: Choose a vibrant fabric that is not too dark to make your markings more visible.

3. Trace label size and shape. Cut out.

Hint: If labeling a Mason Jar lid, trace inside of lid ring for perfect label size.

4. Use Permanent marker to write label, for example “Buttons” on right side of fabric.

5. Peel paper backing, and stick anywhere!

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