Prepare your pattern pieces.

Prepare your pattern pieces.

Hint: Before cutting, use switch plate as a guide to determine which section of fabric will be featured, keeping the future switch hole in mind.

1. For a standard size switch plate cover, cut one piece of fabric measuring 4” x 6” (10 x 15 cm).

2. Cut one piece of HeatnBond Ultra measuring 2 6/8” x 4 5/8” (7 x 12 cm).

Create switch plate cover

Create switch plate cover

1. Center your Heatnbond on the wrong side of fabric with paper side facing up. Iron, following the instructions on the Heatnbond package, and let cool.

2. Peel away paper layer from HeatnBond.

3 & 4

3. Place switch plate facing down, centered, on the wrong side of your fabric. Use a quilt pen to trace switch opening and mark both screw holes.

4. Using snips, carefully cut along your markings; Use the tip of the scissor to pierce two screw holes.

Adhere cover to switch plate

Adhere cover to switch plate

1. Add a thin layer of fabric glue around the edge of the switch opening on the plate.

2. Place cover on switch plate.


3. Fold both long sides of your plate cover toward the backside of your plate. Secure in place with a thin line of fabric glue.


4. Finish by repeating for top and bottom pieces, folding in excess fabric at corners.

Finally, replace your switch plate cover!

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