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Prepare supplies.

1. You will need four coordinating colours of Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Material.

Hint: We chose yellow, pink, purple, and turquoise.

Create tassels.

1. Cut a (folded) piece from each colour of Fabric Creations Multi-Purpose Craft Material measuring 19” (48.3 cm).

Hint: Each piece will make four tassels, for a finished garland measuring approximately 90” (2.5 yards) or 228.5 cm (2.3 m).

2. Fold piece in half.

3. Fold in half again, as shown.

4. Fold in half again, as shown.

5. From open (not folded) short end, begin cutting 5/8” (1.6 cm) strips through all layers stopping 2” (5 cm) from top fold.

6. Open two folds.

7. Cut in four equal pieces

Hint: You should now have four scored pieces, measuring the same width.

8. Unfold pieces and roll each piece widthwise, as shown.

9. Fold in half, creating a loop at top, and secure with elastic band one inch from top.

Hint: Repeat for all four pieces.

10. Repeat process for remaining three colours.

Create garland.

1. Cut a length of cording measuring 180” (5 yards) or 457 cm (4.5 m).

2. Attach tassels to cording 3 ½” (9 cm) apart by threading cording through single tassel loop, then secure by wrapping around loop twice.

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