Prepare supplies

Prepare supplies.

1. Choose a white button-down tunic top; Preferably pleated, for the subject of your project. Gather remaining supplies.


2. Secure one end of your black cord by handstitching the end shut with black thread.

Add cording embellishment

Add cording embellishment.

1. Hand-sew cord, beginning with the secured end along desired area to add a design detail to your shirt.

Hint: For this shirt, we sewed the cord along the edge where the knife pleats meet the shirt body. Other possible accent areas include: shirt neckline, collar, or in a V or U shape around neck and chest area.

2. Once you reach desired end of your cord embellishment, cut cord and secure end with thread.

Change shirt buttons.

Change shirt buttons.

1. With seam ripper, remove all buttons by picking the stitches which are holding them in place.

2. Hand sew black buttons that are approximately the same size in the place of the discarded buttons.

Hint: Before you sew on the new buttons, make sure they fit through the existing button holes.

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