Click here for the other half of this jewellery set, the Colour Block Necklace.

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Place bands for Wonder Loom Single Bracelet.

Place bands for Wonder Loom Single Bracelet.

1. Choose one main colour loom elastic, and four complimentary accent colour loom elastics.

We chose:
• Purple/Pink two-tone (Main)
• Pink (Accent A)
• Turquoise (Accent B)
• Purple (Accent C)
• Green (Accent D)

2. Place two main colour elastics from the 1st centre peg to the 1st peg on the right side of the loom.

3. Continue placing loom elastics, always two at a time, diagonally on the loom as shown.
Hint: Click here for more detailed instructions on how to create a Wonder Loom Single Bracelet.

Add accent loom elastics & loop bands.
1. Place one accent elastic on each individual peg in the order A, B, C, D.

2. Turn Loom so that the pegs are frown-shaped and loop bands as you would for a regular Single Bracelet.

Hint: Be careful to loop over accent bands, and not to knock them off while looping.

Remove bracelet & join ends.

1. Hook the pick tool through the loom elastics on the first peg, and pull up and away from loom to remove bracelet.

2. Join ends with an “S” clip.

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