machine sewing


Prepare supplies.

1. Choose an array of matching fabrics. We chose 11 from the Trendy Neutral Fabric Palette collection.

Hint: Other collections of complimentary fabrics would work well too, like Paloma or Pink and Brown.

2. Head to the Starburst Pillow project for instructions on how to assemble a pillow sham. Instead of black piping, use gold binding.

Create half square triangle appliqué pieces.

1. Cut a piece of each of the 11 Fat Quarters measuring approximately 4” x 4” (10 x 10 cm).

2. Cut a piece of HeatnBond Ultra Hold measuring slightly smaller than each of these pieces.

3. Following the instructions on the packaging, iron to attach Heatnbond Ultra Hold to the wrong side of each piece. Let cool.

4. Draw a square measuring 2 ½” x 2 ½” (6.5 x 6.5 cm). Draw a diagonal line connecting one set of opposite corners to create two half square triangles.

5. Cut out two ½ square triangles per fabric piece.

Hint: You will need a total of 20 half square triangles. These instructions will give 22, leaving you with two extra half square triangle pieces.

Apply appliqué.

1. Peel paper backings from half square triangle pieces.

2. Begin coupling 8 half square triangles in pairs to create four squares. Place at the centre of the sham so that the long edges through the centre of the squares point out toward the corners of the sham.

3. Press with iron to secure as you go.

4. Continue to build out design by adding three half square triangles to all four corners of the squares as shown.

Hint: Leave a narrow gap between pieces, as shown.

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