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With the right tools and a little bit of yarn, making yarn daisies is easy! Use them for garlands, or as embellishments on clothing, blankets, or knit items such as scarves and hats. A great way to use up small scraps of fabric or trims too. You will want to make an entire garden full!


1. Collect supplies above for Yarn Daisies.

Hint: Base your yarn choice on how the daisy will be used. Premier’s Toy Box yarn is soft and cuddly enough that the finished daisies could be used to embellish a blanket or clothing for kids.

Create Yarn Daisies.

1. Start by tying one end of yarn to the peg on the side of the loom to secure.

2. Begin winding the yarn around the loom, starting with the top peg farthest from the side peg (on the opposite side) then, using a figure eight, loop the yarn on the opposite side of the loom.

3. Continue around the entire loom.

4. Continue to loop around the loom three times.

5. Tie loose yarn to peg.

6. Create yarn daisy centre, starting by threading the plastic needle with yellow ribbon.

7. Thread the needle between the “petals” from bottom to top, leaving a tail on the underside of the flower. Thread the needle through the petal directly across from where you came up.

8. Repeat this until you have gone around the entire yarn daisy.

9. Switch to the “outside” of the petals and complete one circuit.

10. Fasten the loose ends at the bottom side of the yarn daisy and gently remove petals from loom using the loom hook. Finish by trimming excess trim and yarn.

Hint: Leave enough yarn or trim to secure the yarn daisy to your project!

Hint: If you like, use a button for the centre of your yarn daisy by looping it through the trim.

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