Our #ZeroWaste projects are designed to help you use up your fabric scraps AND help you to reduce your waste by using these finished projects in your daily life. Perfect for lunches and snacks on the go, these washable snack bags are an eco-friendly substitute for single-use disposable plastic bags.
machine sewing

Prepare Supplies

1. Use half of a fat quarter from two different but complimentary fabrics (cut lengthwise).

Hint: Work with the scraps that you have! This bag can be many different sizes, so long as you have two rectangles of the same size that can be folded twice to create a pouch with a flap.

2. Cut and fuse a piece of HeatnBond Vinyl slightly smaller than your lining piece, and fuse to the right size of the fabric by pressing the opposite side.

Hint: Iron should not touch vinyl directly or it will melt.

3. Sew three sides of lining and main piece with right sides together.

Hint: Two snack-bags-in-progress shown here using both fabrics in reverse.

4. Turn right-side-out.

5. Fold twice (as shown) to achieve desired bag size.

6. Clip Hook and Loop tape in place and stitch over to secure.

7. Tuck in open edge and edge stitch around four sides with bottom folded to create pocket with flap.

8. Your bags are finished and ready to be filled with the treats of your choice! The vinyl lining will make these bags easy to wipe clean between uses.

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