hand sewing 


Prepare Supplies.

1. For a classic rose, choose red Sticky Back Felt, a red 18 cm closed end red zipper, and matching thread.

Hint: Create a rose or flower in any colour of your choice, or a bouquet of varying colours!

Fold and sew zipper rose petals.

1. Unzip zipper.

2. Begin by looping one side of zipper tape toward zipper pull, creating a pointed tip.

3. Secure loop to center of zipper tape below pull with a few hand stitches, creating the first petal.

4. Create another petal by repeating on opposite side.

Hint: Have both sets of zipper teeth facing the inside of the rose, as shown.

5. Take zipper tape from petal on the right hand side and create a new petal on the bottom left-hand corner of the rose.

6. Secure by stitching through the center of the rose (below the zipper pull, through the zipper tape).

7. Use same piece of zipper tape to create another petal on the opposite side. Secure again.

Hint: As you will be sewing through multiple layers of zipper tape, be sure to have your thimble handy for the rest of the project.

8. Continue by creating another smaller petal inside the petal on the top left-hand side. Secure.

9. Create petal on the opposite side of the zipper pull, between two existing petals. Secure.

10. Continue by folding another petal inside the top right hand petal. Secure.

11. Now using the zipper tape underneath the rose, create additional petals using the same technique.

Hint: Stagger petals by adding them between other petals as much as possible – this will give the appearance of a more full rose.

12. With the remaining zipper tape on top of the rose, create swirl at the center. Secure with handstitches.

Create zipper rose broach.

1. Cut circle from matching sticky back felt, large enough to cover the center back of the rose without covering outer petals.

2. Reinforce sticky back felt with glue to secure.

3. Cut an additional rectangular piece of sticky back felt to attach safety pin as shown. Secure with glue.

4. Let dry. Wear!

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